#18 and #138 Weobley Castle
West Glamorgan, Wales
1280 plus
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Nigel and Mary Kerr in their 1988 book "A Guide to Medieval Sites in Britain" describe Weobley Castle as "A fortified house". I am inclined to disagree. The castle began about 1280 on a hill overlooking the River Loughor in West Glamorgan as a residential structure to the ENE and north of a modest donjon now commonly referred to as the South West Tower. There is no evidence the site had previously been fortified, though the keep was of typical older design. Despite the relatively peaceful climate in south Wales in the early 14th century, the builder, David de la Bere, apparently soon realized that his "castle" was virtually undefendable and about 1304 augmented his residence with a gatehouse range north of the keep and other additions. While the southeastern portion was strengthened, it appears the owner (or perhaps his son) ran out of money since the new building never rose about the first floor level. However the final product featured a series of contiguous wallwalks atop the first floor [second story in the USA] which allows a modest force of defenders to be moved to the most vulnerable point quickly in the event of an attack.
Weobley was damaged by Owain Glyndwr in the early fifteenth century but later a Welsh owner Sir Rhys ap Thomas added a porch block to provide a more stately entrance to the Hall, as well as improved private quarters. The castle was eventually modified for domestic use as a tenant farmhouse. Some think Weobley should be classified as a Fortified Manor-House, like Stokesay or Hever. If there is interest, I'll tally votes for Castle vs Fortified House on this page. Please send your opinion.


Drawing of the Castle Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Built October 1988
West View
South View


Photos of the Lego Model
Under construction January-February 2013
Construction of the new
begins on January 24...
...with the general layout (plus
a bit of work on the steep
hill overlooking the river.
Day 2 is spent of landscaping
including the west (gatehouse)
The infrastructure of the
landscape can be appreciated.
January 26 brings completion
of the exterior landscape, and
some courtyard infrastructure.
From the southeast the gentle
slope can also be seen.
The fourth day of building
yields a bridge and courtyard.
Some courtyard doors are in
place as well.
On January 28 adjustments
are made to the courtyard...
...and the exterior walls are
raised a bit more.
February 1 is a building day...
...with much of the ground floor
Major work is done on the
first story the next day...
...seen from two views. The level is mostly completed...
...on the 3rd of the month.
On Feb. 4 the walls have been
built to the point where wall-
walk supports are added.
The next day, mostly decorative
machicolations are begun.
Here's a closeup of the
construction of the 7-sided
By February 6 roofing has begun.
This will be the last construction
picture. See below.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built October 1988
West View
South View


Photos of the Lego Model
Built January 24 - February 7, 2013
Here are several pictures
of the completed castle:
from the west.
And the WNW. And the northwest. And the north.
And the northeast. And the southeast. And the south with the
old keep.
I took this picture from
above to higlight the
system of wallwalks.
The courtyard looking NNE. And southeast.


Build Your Own
1988 Lego Plan
2013 Lego Plan
West [Entrance] Elevation
North Elevation

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