#28 Warwick Castle
Warwickshire, England
1086 through 14th century
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Legend tells that the first castle of significance built on this cliff overlooking a turn in the River Avon was the work of Ethelfleda, the daughter of Alfred the Great, in 914. The castle was built as part of the protective network for the Saxon Kingdom of Wessex. The castle survived 150 years - until the invasion of William the Conqueror. King William quickly appointed Henry de Newburgh the first Earl of Warwick, and it was he who built the Norman, timber motte and bailey castle dating from 1068. A polygonal stone keep was erected on the motte during the reign of Henry II (1154-1189). In 1264 the castle was seized by the army of Simon de Montfort and when the captured Earl, William Mauduit, died in prison at Kenilworth, Warwick Castle was given to William de Beauchamp. Over the next 180 yearsm seven generations of the Beauchamp family built and rebuilt Warwick into the magnificent structure that still stands today.
Most of the original tower atop Ethelfleda's motte is long gone, but the castle offers a remarkable twin-towered gatehouse with portcullises and murder holes; the 128' tall polygonal Guy's Tower; and the tri-lobed Caesar's Tower which is 147' tall, has a double system of machicolations and battlements, and three main arched stories with fireplaces. The current castle has never been conquered.
Caesar's Tower
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General Plan of the Castle
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