#3 & #56 Warkworth Castle
Northumberland, England
1140 & 1390
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A motte and bailey castle on a grand scale, Warkworth was gradually converted from wood to stone from about 1140, first by Henry, Earl of Northumberland, and later by the Clavering family. About 1390 Henry Percy flattened the motte to build the powerful multangular tower seen today. The castle passed back and forth between the English and the Scots in various wars, first captured by William the Lion, King of Scotland, in 1173.

In August 1995, reporter Tony Reid, originally from Great Britain, visited from the Decatur Herald and Review. The interview that followed resulted in an article on August 28 about my castle building hobby and featuring a photograph of Warkworth taken by the late Herb Slodounik. It was my 15 minutes of fame (to date?)

Castle Plan
Herald & Review Article

Photos of the Lego Model
Built August 1995
First try - August 1986
South View
Southwest View
View of the Keep
Northwest View
Northeast View
East View
Southeast View


Build Your Own
Lego Plan (N end)
South Elevation
West Elevation (N end)
West Elevation (S end)
Lego Plan (S end)
North Elevation
Center Section (S end)
Center Section (N end)

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