#44 Tower of London
White Tower Keep
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This great tower was raised in about 20 years, beginning in 1078, by William the Conqueror and his son Rufus in the corner of the Roman City of Londinium. The castle was enlarged in many stages, especially by Henry III and Edward I, and has played a dominant roles in the affairs of Kings for centuries. The White Tower holds the crown jewels, has imprisoned the likes of King David II of Scotland, John of France, Richard II (who signed his abdication document there in 1399) and Charles, Duke of Orleans. Beheadings included Sir Thomas More, Sir Walter Raleigh, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and others.

Layout of the tower

Drawing of the castle from 1597

Basement 1st Floor 2nd Floor Gallery


Photos of the Lego Model
Built January 1993
East View East Northeast View Northwest View South View
Chapel Tower Large Tower


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
East View
North View
South View
West View

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