#80 Threave Castle
Dumphries & Galloway, Scotland
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Threave Island on the River Dee is said to have been the home of the ancient rulers of Galloway in southern Scotland for more than a thousand years, but the current castle is the first of which there is much record. The massive tower was built for Archibald Douglas, the Third Earl of Douglas, shortly after he became Lord of Galloway in 1369. Called Archibald the Grim "becaus of his terrible countenance in weirfare (warfare)" , he became the most powerful magnate in southern Scotland. Unfortunately the Black Douglases had a strong hatred for Robert the Bruce, and had sided with John Balliol and the English earlier in the century. By 1353 Archibald's cousin William Douglas had defeated the Balliols in Galloway, and Bruce's son King David II honored the House of Douglas with an Earldom. While Archibald the Grim spent little time at Threave following his marriage to Joanna Moray and the resulting acquisition of the mighty Bothwell Castle, his son Archibald, the Fourth Earl of Douglas did reside in the castle with his wife Princess Margaret,the daughter of King Robert III.
By the mid-fifteenth century the Douglases were again at loggerheads with the crown, this time the new king James II. The Eighth Earl William Douglas, just 21 at the time, wisely undertook the construction of an artillery fortification around the Tower in 1447. When he was murdered by the King at Stirling Castle in 1452, his widow Margaret, "the Fair Maid of Galloway" quickly wed his younger brother, James, the ninth Earl, who resolved to avenge his brother's death. The further confrontation led to King James beginning the systematic destruction of the Black Douglases and seizure of their estates in 1452. The final act of the drama took place at Threave in the summer of 1455 when the king himself led a two-month seige of the castle. The fortifications, the most sophisticated in Scotland at the time, withstood the seige and it was other persuasions that led to the garrison's surrender. Threave was annexed to the Scottish Crown. From 1526 until 1640 the Lord Maxwells of Caerlaverock, Earls of Nithsdale, were custodians of Threave, until this time the castle was laid seige by the Covenanters. The garrison was well prepared again, this time holding out for 13 weeks until Robert Maxwell was authorised to walk free with pride by King Charles I. Threave Castle was subsequently dismantled and the island was never inhabited again.

Restoration Drawing Cutaway of the Tower Curtain/Tower Cutaway
Plan of the castle Floor plans Typical Elevation


Preliminary Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 2001
East Tower & Wallwalk
North Tower & Palisade
The tiny supply harbor!


Photos of the Lego Model
Completed December 15, 2001
East View North View West View
South View
Threave prepares for
the siege of 1455.
Hoardings are constructed.


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Lego Plan
Northeast Elevation
Southeast Elevation
Southwest Elevation
Northwest Elevation

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