#141 Château de Thoury
Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre, Allier, France
12th or 13th century with major changes in 15th century
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The first known reference to Thoury is a reference in the 1164 bull of Pope Alexander III citing the knight Rodolphe de Thoury for his donation to the Abbey of Sept-Fons. He built a fortification in the 12th century to monitor (and presumably tax) traffic on the River Besbre, and was granted the title of Lord of Thoury. He was an early participant in the Crusade Bourbonnais. His most famous descendent was Goussaut de Thoury, born about 1337. Goussaut not only participated actively in the Hundred Years War but also several local wars, with others defeating Lord Hugues de Bouquetraud, and imprisoning his enemy  Renaud de La Motte in the castle. The castle remained the property of the Lords of Thoury-sur-Besbre.
At the beginning of the 15th century Thoury passed to Jean de l'Espinasse by his marriage to Guicharde de Thoury, and many of the current changes were then made to the castle. Almost a century later his descendent, also Jean de l'Espinasse, sold the château to Charles Sorel, Lord of Saint-Gérand-de-Vaux (nephew of Agnes Sorel, the mistress of King Charles VII). The castle passed by marriage to Bertrand de Rollat in 1542.  Ownership changed several more times in the next two hundred years, until the castle was purchased in 1751 by Clément Conny.  His family was ennobled in 1767 and acquired the rank of Vicomte in 1816 by Louis XVIII - due to the loyalty of Félix de Conny to the monarchy .  Thoury is owned by the same family today, and is open for tours some afternoons.


I've found no plan for
this castle


Photos of the Lego Model
under construction in October 2013
The castle is laid out on
September 30.
Actual construction starts
the next day.
By October 3, the courtyard
is completed using lots of
wedge plates.
As construction of the curtain and
towers continues the next day...
...the wedge plate
edges disappear under
the 5-wide enceinte.
I've left only one postern door
in my medieval version of the castle.
On October 7 towers have risen...
...and the renaissance
...sport machicolations with arrowslits -
a much more "embattled" appearance.
By October 11 the functional and
decorative gatehouse is done.
The crenellated wallwalk is
Work must just be completed on
the two main towers which...
...make the castle both formidable
and habitable.  See more below!


Photos of the Lego Model
October 2013
We start our walk around the
castle at the gatehouse.
The view from the SSE. The ESE view gives any excellent
view of the fortification.
The east view highlights the
residential tower...
...as does the view from the north. The NNW view details the defensive
potential of Château de Thoury.
The old keep is also
...as well as comfortable.
And we've completed our
circumnavigation of the castle!
Here are four views
side the courtyard.
The old keep. The renaissance wallwalk.
The residential tower
with spiral staircase.


Build Your Own
Do to the unusual shape of the castle, for the first time in my memory I drew no elevations.
Lego Plan

Other Château de Thoury pages (all in French). The third reference is an interesting
article dated June 2012 about the then 86 year old current owner, Vicomte Jehan Conny:

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