#61 The Keep of Tattershall Castle
Lincolnshire, England
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This beautiful keep was built just after the owner, Ralph Lord Cromwell, became King Edward VI's Lord High Treasurer of the Realm. Built into Robert of Tattershall's 1231 castle, with its two rings of moats, the impressive three-tiered battlements are in contrast to the large windows and unprotected doors.
Once completed, the 100 foot high tower was the luxurious home near London for a man so powerful he didn't worry about the unguarded doors. When he died without an heir, the castle gradually fell into disrepair. Virtually every stone of the castle, except the keep, was taken to build a brewery. Finally the tower was rescued by Lord Curzon in 1910.
Castle Layout Battlement Drawing


Photos of the Lego Model
Built June 1996
The model of the Keep at Tattershall was displayed in the window of the Brass Horn mens' clothing store in Decatur, IL during the summer of 1996.
West View
Southwest View
Northwest View
Battlement View


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West Elevation South Elevation Cross Section

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