#139 Castle Stewart
Petty, Inverness & Nairn, Scotland
14th century plus mainly early 17th century
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There were a variety of problems with the design and building of this delightful and very representative Scottish tower: 1) I'm calling my model Castle Stewart rather than Castle Stuart, despite the minor name change by the current Stuart owners. The original family name, including Kings of England, was Stewart, which therefore must be the original name of the castle [and there are about a million more hits on Stewart versus Stuart on a Google search, though the golf club definitely gets in the way of any search; 2) there are more than 100 nice pictures of the castle on TripAdvisor, but few on the world wide web; and 3) my two plans both have scales, but they don't match (and which is wrong - or right - I am not certain).
The castle is beautifully located about 6 miles northeast of Inverness, overlooking the Moray Firth, on land which was originally held by the Mackintoshes. In 1561 Mary Queen of Scots returned to Scotland after the death of her husband, the Dauphin of France. She gave the lands to her illegitimate half-brother, James Stewart, and granted him the title of Earl of Moray, the fifth time of title of Earl of Moray had been created. He became Regent of Scotland under King James VI (who became James I of England upon the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1601). He was assassinated in Linlithogow in January 1570 - the first recorded assassination of an important official by rifle. He was succeeded by a semi-distant cousin, also James Stewart, who in 1581 married the 1st Earl's daughter Elizabeth, and thus became the second Earl of Moray. Also known as the Bonny Earl for his good looks, he was stabbed 13 times and killed in 1592 in a vendetta by George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly.
He was succeeded by his son James, who as a small boy became of 3rd Earl of Moray. Interestingly James Stewart eventually married Lady Anne Gordon, the daughter of the man who had murdered his father. His main accomplishment was apparently building Castle Stewart, which was completed in 1625. No sooner was the castle completed than 500 Mackintoshes attacked and took over the castle, only to be bought off by the 3rd Earl, who was restored to ownership. In 1649 Charles Stuart [Charles !, King of England, Scotland and Ireland] was executed by Parliament and Lord Cromwell. The 4th Earl of Moray naturally sided with his kin when the Scots named Charles II king. Lord Cromwell and his army removed the Stewarts from their castle, which gradually became derelict and was unroofed about 1835. The castle has been restored by Charles Edward and Elizabeth Stuart, who are not known to be closely related to the current 21st Earl of Moray, John Stuart. They have converted the castle into a 5-star luxury hotel with 8 bedrooms, the Third Turret chamber said to be haunted by a 'dreadful bogle'. That and the other rooms can be occupied for 195/person/night - with discounts for longer stays.


Drawing from the Southwest Drawing from the Northeast


Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Under construction February - March, 2013
The castle is laid out on
February 12. You'll note that
Castle Stuart now has three
entrances, the other two in
the middle of the south wall
of the main block, and on the
east side of the SE tower. I
inserted only the original door
in the stair tower.
On February 13 the ground floor
with 10 arrowslits and 20 gunports
is built. They didn't seem to slow
500 Mackintoshes much though.
Construction is well into the
first story with the windows
of the great hall in their proper
And the spiral stair turrets
at the corner tower angles
are also begun.
After a lovely 2 weeks in Florida,
construction resumes on March 1
I've built through the second
floor, with baritzans to come...
Here's a picture of my first
attempt to construct the
On March 2 Castle Stewart
continues to grow.
Here's the front again.
And the back of the castle with
major progress evident!
Here's more detail of my 6th bartizan
plus other features.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built February - March, 2013

I am very happy to report that for the first time in 27 years and 139 castle models, I do not
have to deconstruct and rebox the Lego used to build Castle Stewart.  She has been purchased
by an AFOL living only 160 miles from me in southern Illinois, where the castle will reside indefinitely!
Here is a front view of
Castle Stuart on March 5,
the day of completion.
The southeast view shows
the only original entrance.
Note the bartizan windows
on the SE tower are not
all the same direction.
The east reentrant spiral
staircase and angled
bartizan are features of
this view.
Here's the north elevation
with bartizans and staircase
from the wine cellar!
The northwest view shows
the second spiral staircase.
Here's a picture of the
west end of the castle.
And finally the six storey
southwest main stair


Build Your Own
Ground Plan
Top-down [Roof] Plan
South Elevation
East Elevation
North Elevation

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