#97 Burg Stahleck
Bacharach, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany
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Burg Stahleck's early history is a bit muddled. The castle is variously said to have been originally built beginning in 1135 by the wealthy knight Goswin von Stahleck or built somewhat earlier by the Archbishops of Cologne, but later handed over to Konrad by his brother Frederick I Barbarossa (1123-1190) in 1135! Konrad's daughter inherited the castle. She is remembered for secretly marrying the son of Henry the Lion, Duke of Bavaria, thus ending one long and costly feud. Since the Investiture Controversy with Rome resulted in widespread local warfare with myriad knights and noblemen building castles, Burg Stahleck became an important factor in control of the lucrative Rhine River traffic.

The history of Burg Stahleck is relatively quiet until the seventeenth century. The castle was taken by the Swedes in 1632 and bombarded in 1644 during the Thirty Year War. The castle was extensively repaired and modernized beginning in 1666 by the elector, Count Carl Ludwig and devastated in 1689 by the army of Louis XIV of France, when many other castles in the west of Germany were destroyed as well. The ruin of Stahleck passed to Crown Princess Elizabeth in 1829, a gift from her lover and later King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Damaged curtain walls were removed and a vineyard planted [see upper right photo]. I have tried in my model to reproduce something like the original castle. Extensive repair work was done on the ruin from 1925-27 and the castle turned into a youth hostel, which it remains today. It is reported to be a rigorous 15 minute climb from the village of Bacharach, probably best left to the young!


The Restoration
Note: The keep is absent on the left


The Plan
Note: I have no scale with the plan


Photos of the Model of Stahleck
under construction in late June and early July 2004
The early northwest view shows
fthe north barbican & moat.
The northeast view slopes
downhill towards the Rhein.
Soon the bridge from the west
main entrance is built.
A southwest view shows the
south barbican & bergfried base.
The southeast angle ignores a
modern (?) residential range.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built June-August 2004
Here's Burg Stahleck from the
northwest with the gatehouse
and bridge.
Here's the north side showing
some of the sloping landscape
from the Rhine River on the left.
A general view of the castle
from the northeast suggests
the size of the Hall building.
From the southeast one can
appreciate the battlements as
seen from the vineyards.
This closeup shows the main
gatehouse and protected castle
Here's a more detailed view of
some of the residential
accommodations from the SE.
The donjon (Bergfried) is massive
and shown in original state
(minus the 20th century roof!)
The battlements are protected
and extensive, with two turrets
and a bridge into the donjon.
This is the main courtyard as
seen from the southeast.
Here's a detail of the main court-
yard entrance, and the door into
the Bergfried as well.
From the southwest the Great
Hall (Palas) can be appreciated
with its attic rooms and patio.
A detail of the other end of
Hall range.
Here's the northwest range as
it could not be seen when the
Bergfried (keep) was completed.
And finally the completed
curtain wall with watch


Build Your Own
Ground floor plan
Front (West) Elevation North Elevation
South Elevation Courtyard Section (without the Bergfried)

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