#165 Spedlins Tower
Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
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Spedlins Tower is a large, rectangular baronial-style tower house located on the west bank of the River Annan, about 5 miles north of Lockerbie.  The tower is 38 by 46 feet in size and rises 48 feet to the roofline.  The walls of the ground and first floors, both of which are vaulted, are nine feet thick. The walls of the upper stories are just over three feet thick, by comparison. The original entrance was on the first floor, at the east end of the north face. About 1602 not only was the entrance moved to the ground level, but the upper stories and corner bartizans were added.  The castle apparently originally had many shot holes but their locations are currently obscure.  The tower is rare in having a pair of parallel roofed garrets, with small windows at the corbiestepped ends.

The castle was the main residence of the Jardine family of Applegirth, in Dumfriesshire, when they became a chiefly clan.  The du Jardon family came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066, and are first recorded in Scotland in 1153.  It is not known whether Alexander Jardine (who, with Lord Maxwell, routed the English near Carlisle in 1524), or his son John, built the original tower, but the most famous Alexander Jardine was created the first Baronet of Applegirth in 1672, and apparently created the ghost of Spedlins Tower, possibly inadvertently, by allowing the local miller, Dunty Porteus, imprisoned for reportedly burned down the mill, to starve to death in Spedlins dungeon during a trip to Edinburgh.  Happily the ghost apparently moved on to Jardine Hall after the family moved across the river to their new opulent quarters.  Spedlins Castle languished into ruinous condition [see first photo] for almost 200 years until the tower was restored in the 1970s by a Mr. and Mrs. Gray.  The castle is currently owned by a Scottish physician and his wife.


Plans, Elevations & Cross-sections
Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Cross-section
looking east


Photos of the Lego Model
under construction

Please note the entrance door on the ground floor.  I plan the build Spedlins as it might have looked in the early 1600s, after
the upper stories and turrets were added.

On January 18 the tower
is laid out
January 23 has rolled around
and the gloomy winter
necessitates artificial lighting.
But the tower is completed
up to the bartizan level --
and I wait on parts...


Photos of the Lego Model
Built January 2018
Second Floor
Third Floor
Garrett & Cap House
Second Floor
Third Floor
Garrett & Cap House


Build Your Own
Ground, First & Third Floor/Roof Plans
East Elevation North Elevation West Elevation

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