#36 & 146 Rhuddlan Castle
Clwyd, Wales
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Rhuddlan Castle was designed by Master Bertram, the English king's engineer, but actually built in 1277-82 for Edward I by the famous Master James of St. George. Built on a site in North Wales recognized as strategic, it replaced a nearby motte castle built about 1070. Rhuddlan is a concentric castle with an almost square inner bailey and a polygonal outer bailey ringed with towers and surrounded by a wide artificial moat on three sides and the River Clwyd on the fourth. There are massive twin-towered gatehouses at the east and west corners, and single cylindrical towers at the other two.
Llywelyn the Last's forces attacked the castle while construction was nearing completion in March 1282, and stole some supplies and did so mdest damage to the castle, which was repaired in 1285. The castle saw action in 1400 at the beginning of the rebellion led by Owain Glyn Dŵr, only the village was damaged. Once completed, Rhuddlan never capitulated until 1646, when the Royalist garrison surrendered to the Parliamentarians and Cromwell had Rhuddlan partially demolished.

Painting of the Castle
Bucks Engraving of Rhuddlan

Photos of the Lego Model
Built November 1990
West Northwest View
(with a Lego counterpart)
West View
Westsouthwest View
Northeast View
Entrance View

Photos of the Lego Model
Under construction December 2014 - January 2015
The rebuilding of this castle was inspired by Kate Sullivan, Associate Director of Equinox Communications,
which does publicity and promotion for Cadw: Welsh Government Historic Environment Service. There is a
time-lapse video of the construction of the model, produced by Jamie Robins of Equinox,
on the Cadw website:
My sincere thanks as well to Bill Zajac, the Heritage Bill Officer at Cadw,
for his invaluable assistance
with details of 13th century Rhuddlan!
My model of Rhuddlan was paid
out on December 20...
and within 48 hours the inner
castle was outlined and the outer

moat well under way.
On Christmas Day work
concentrates on the works
at river's edge...
with protective towers and
gates for supplies to enter
via the sea.
On December 28 there is
a substantial hill taking
to add to the protection of the southwest
aspect of the castle.
By New Years Day, the river
side is practically finished...
and construction of the outer wall
is beginning to rise from the moat.
On January 10, the outer
castle is complete...
with the main outer gate into
Rhuddlan town...
and the fascinating stair turrets
loading down into the dry moat.
AND the "outline" of the inner
castle has risen to its actual
final level!
By January 19 I've designed and
begun to construct the residential
ranges that line the inner bailey...
So on January 25 the
quarters for the king and
queen were basically done,
And some work had also
begun on the towers
The well near the center
of the courtyard is covered.
On January 28 towers have
risen to the level of the
Both the east and west gate-
houses having working
Both the royal and service
ranges are complete...
and construction
of the battlements and upper
towers has begun!

Photos of the Lego Model
built December 2014 - January 2015
This view of the finished
castle highlights Gillot's
Tower  & the Dock Gate.
From the WSW view across
the River Clywd is impressive.
The west view not only highlights
the River Gate but the massive
West Gatehouse
The view of Rhuddlan from the NW features
the Town Gate, 2 of the 3 stair turrets into
the moat, and the entrance to the kitchen.
The castle as seen from the north
shows the town side of the outer
The wide dry moat permits
infantry and archers alike to
hone their skills.
The East Gatehouse, virtually
identical to the West, can be
appreciated in this view.
Finally the view from the ESE show
both the Friary Gate and the notably
simpler turrets of the outer curtain
wall away from Rhuddlan Town.
Here's a picture of the Dock
Gate from the inside.
The inside of the Town Gate.
A close-up of the
Friary Gate.
The arrowslits of the outer
curtain wall (almost vanished
in modern times).
The kitchen door which
probably also acted as
postern. I put the box
machicolation above it.
With my 12-sided tower
design, it was interesting
to place the wall walk door
in the center.
The East and West Gate-
house's twin towers
presented no such
Here's a close-up of the
roof of one of the towers.
A gatehouse doorway with portcullis
up and doors open for your visit!
A view from one gate-
house to the other.
This the entirely half-timber
service and guest range, now
completely vanished.
The foundations can still be seen
for the more substantial royal
residences lining to north half
of the inner court.

Build Your Own
This is obviously the 1990 castle plan. My plan and elevation for
the 2014-5 castle is too big for me to digitalize. Sorry.
Lego Plan

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