#7 & #60 Nunney Castle
Somerset, England
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This substantial moated tower in Somerset was built by Sir John de la Mere in 1373 and features a cylindrical tower at each corner of the rectangular keep. While often described as "distinctly French", there are several notable Irish towers of similar design (e.g. Carlow, Terryglass, Lea and Ferns). The original castle had no platform and the moat came right up to the castle. The narrow door was reached by a drawbridge.
The original castle was made somewhat more hospitable during the Elizabethian period with the addition of a spiral staircase in the northeast tower and by enlargement of several windows. Despite the 5-6 foot thickness of the keep walls, the tiny Royalist garrison was forced to surrender when the northwest wall of the castle crumbled in the face of Cromwell's 36-pound cannon balls. Despite being slighted thereafter, the castle has withstood the next three and one half centuries very well.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built May 1996
Early Version
Built Nov 1986
Northwest View
South View
Southeast View
North View
Inside View
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