#38 Château de Najac
Aveyron, France
1100 & 1253
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Reigning atop a tall hill overlooking the village of Najac, the earliest castle was built about 1100 by Bertrand of St. Gilles, brother of Raimond IV, Count of Toulouse, with the square donjon as its strong point. In 1185 the English occupied the castle, but in 1196 Raimond VI of Toulouse married the sister of Richard the Lion-Hearted and the castle returned peacefully into French hands. The castle was greatly enlarged in 1253 by Alphonse of Poitiers, the brother of the French King Louis IX. The five round towers, including the new donjon, were blended into the older castle, and a labyrithine set of apparent and concealed stairways and passageways were constructed to confuse an enemy but allow rapid and strategic deployment of troops. The castle was 'state of the art' and could be defended by as little as 30 men.
The new donjon was pierced by meurtrières at all three vaulted levels, with those of the lowest level the longest ever built anywhere. The castle is entered by a guarded ground-level drawbridge. In 1309 the Templars of Larzac were imprisoned in the castle, and in 1572 during the Wars of Religion, the Huguenots seized Najac and plundered it.
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