#77 Monnow Bridge
Monmouth, Wales
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This famous bridge over the River Monnow in eastern Wales was built near the end of the 13th century, replacing a wooden bridge built about 1180. It is the only remaining medieval bridge in Great Britain with the fortification actually on the bridge. The gatehouse itself, completed about 1315 by Henry of Lancaster, originally had a portcullis and battlements, but no roof. The machicolations above the gate were added when the protective portcullis was removed.
The bridge's purposes included protection of the town of Monmouth from the angry Welsh, and for the collection of tolls. However, as a military structure the Monnow Bridge was not very effective since the river is easily crossed on foot not far upstream. Defenders in the Civil War in 1645 quickly found themselves surrounded, for example. Local authorities have debated for decades about building a new bridge nearby, but despite numerous minor automobile accidents the bridge is still open to vehicular traffic!

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