#59 Middleham Castle
Yorkshire, England
1170-80, 1400-1483 and 16th century
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In 1170 Robert fitzRandolph was granted license to build a tower several hundred yards from the family's timber motte castle in Yorkshire, likely built by Alan le Roux [Alan the Red], son of Odo of Rennes and kinsman of William the Conqueror.  What resulted is one of the largest keeps ever built in England, 108 x 78 feet in size and 60 feet tall. The great tower formed the domestic center of the quadrangular curtain of timber and stone buildings built in the next century.  In 1270 Middleham passed to the Nevill family via the marriage of Mary, daughter of Ralph fitzRanulph to Robert de Nevill.  Ralph, the 4th Lord Nevill (and 1st Earl of Westmorland) chose to make Middleham one of his principal residences, and begin an eight decade period during which Middleham was upgraded to become one of the great castles and power bases in the north of England.  Nevill after Nevill served king and country with great skill, honor, success, and increased wealth and power.
Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick and grandson of Ralph, was killed in the Battle of Barnet in 1471.  Early in 1372, Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, married his 2nd cousin, Anne Nevill, daughter of the deceased Earl, and with months inherited the Nevill estates, including Middleham. Richard had spent several boyhood years at Middleham, so the castle became a favored residence. Toward the end of the War of Roses, Richard seized the English throne, becoming Richard III  from 1483 - 1485.  After Richard death in battle on August 22, 1485, his estates were seized by King Henry VII. The castle passed through various owners for the next two hundred years, during which time the horse mill was added.  The Wood family owned the detriorating castle until 1889, after which some repairs were done. In 1925 the ruin passed to the Office of Works, and in 1984 to the care of English Heritage. The five photographs in the row below were taken by me during our May 2015 visit to Middleham.



Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 1994
Northeast View
Northwest View
Southeast View
Richard III on
the roof


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
(Left half)
Lego Plan
(Right half)
Keep Elevation
(East Side)
Keep Elevation
(West Side)
South Elevation
South Cross-section

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