#102 Castel Mareccio [Schloß Maretsch]
Bolzano [Bozen]
Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
1194 plus mid-16th century
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It might be helpful to begin with a comment on the situation of this pretty castle. Bolzano is located in what is now northern Italy just a few miles from the Austrian border. At the time when Berthold von Bozen built the first tower on the site about 1194, the region was in the Kingdom of Germany, part of the Holy Roman Empire. For centuries following the election in 1273 of Count Rudolf as both German king and Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf I, Bolzano/Bozen was ruled by the powerful Habsburg dynasty.
Despite the close proximity of the Kingdom of Italy, the Swiss Confederation and "church lands" [i.e. the Papal States], and the fact that Bolzano is on the main road between Innsbruck, Austria and Trento, Italy through the Brenner Pass, I have thus far been unable to find solid evidence that Bolzano/Bozen was in an area of repeated strife or if Castel Mareccio was the site of battles or seiges. Following the conquests of Napoleon I, Bolzano/Bozen was briefly in the Kingdom of Italy [part of the Confederation of the Rhein], but by 1815 was back in the Germanic Confederation in the waning Austrian branch of the Dominions of the Habsburgs. In 1919, following World War I, the area became part of Italy. While the area is undoubtedly bilingual, I am told the residents still favor speaking German in their Tirolean town.
The castle is rests on flat land amongst vineyards near the banks of the gentle river Talvera/Talfer not far from the center of Bolzano. It was not considered a very defensible position, unlike the nearby castles Runkelstein and Sigmundskron. The final form of Castel Mareccio was mainly due to the Römer family, who in addition to expanding their castle added the beautiful Renaissance frescoes for which the citizens of Bolzano are rightfully proud today. The castle passed to the Hendl, Thun, Sarnthein and Toggenburg families, and gradually fell into ruin. In 1975 the castle was acquired by the Azienda di Soggiorno of Bolzano, repaired and transformed into a popular conference and cultural center. I am greatly indebted to Mr. Christian Terzer, former Director of both Castel Mareccio and the local Convention & Visitors Bureau for his invaluable assistance with this webpage!

A drawing of the castle
One of the famous frescoes
The cellar became
the tavern
Ground Floor Plan Mezzinine Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan 2nd Floor Plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Built May-June, 2005

Castel Mareccio viewed as one
might approach the castle.
A view from the WNW. The view from the SW features
the defensive curtain or Loggia.
The ESE view begins to
show the residential range.
The full impact of the luxurious
accommodations are apparent.
From the NNE one can
appreciate the grand design.
I love this view taken through
the castle model's gate!
[see photos above]
See the pictures above the
Reception Hall door in the
lower middle photo above.


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
Roof Plan
Cross Section
Northwest Elevation
Northeast Elevation
East Elevation
South Elevation
Cross-section through the courtyard

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