#149 Mallow Castle
County Cork, Ireland
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There were undoubtedly at least two castles on the site of this shell of a fortified house, the first built around 1185, to control traffic at a excellent ford in the River Blackwater at Mallow.  Virtually nothing is known of the first castle.  The second castle, described as containing three courtyards, was built in 1282 by the Desmond Fitzgeralds, and remained in Geraldine hands until the Desmond uprisings against England in the late 16th century.  In 1581 when Sir John Desmond was dismembered and hung at the gates of Cork City, the castle was called "the ruinous house of Mallow".
Queen Elizabeth granted the old Desmond fortress to Sir John Norreys, son of her life-long friend Lord Norreys of Rycote in 1584.  When he died in 1587 the property passed to his brother Sir Thomas, Lord President of Munster.  He built the "goodly strong and sumptuous house" upon the ruins of the older castle from 1596-9.  The castle was three-stories with an attic floor, and had hexagonal turrets at two corners and protruding entrance and main stair towers in the middle of both sides of the oblong main block.  The house bristled with gun ports and there was a cellar under the middle of the main block.
Sir Thomas' daughter Elizabeth, Godchild and namesake of the Queen, married Sir John Jephson.  They had four sons and four daughters, and several stories are told about Jephson's "love of pleasure [being] greater than his fortune."  The castle withstood a Royalist assault in 1642, but fell to Lord Castlehaven in the 1645.  The Parliamentarians recovered it in 1646.  Mallow was burnt by order of King James II in 1689, and a plan for restoration in 1829 was abandoned.  A portion of the east wall collapsed in 1836.  The ruin was made a National Monument in 1928 and the castle was sold by Commander Maurice Jephson.  It was purchased by the McGinn family of Washington, D.C. in 1984, but recently bought by the Cork County Council.
The view of the kitchen
and its fireplace.
The interior view
looking north

An etching of the castle from the east A ground floor plan of the castle The front elevation


Photos of the Lego Model under
construction in October-November, 2015
Construction begins on October 3
while residents of Maxstoke ponder
the happenings across their moat!
The ground floor is pretty well
completed on the first day
The lower level does not
feature gunports.
The windows on the first floor are
larger, more complex and have
exterior gunports.
The first view of the courtyard
side features the kitchen on the
On November 3 the second
floor is complete...
and the fortified house
is ready to roof!
The completed model will
be below when finished!


Photos of the Lego Model
Completed November 10, 2015
The view from the north
begins our tour - with the
main exterior entrance.
The north tower and
large windows are high-
lighted from the NE.
The bawn wall, originally
some 120' on each side, is
notable from the east.
The SE view details the main
stair tower, which also contained
the toilets & the only pair of
gunports within the courtyard.
From the SSE the corner
location of the house within
the bawn can be appreciated.
The castle's kitchen was
located at the SW end of
the house.
The kitchen and the other
end of the curtain wall.
This is really an interesting
structure with its jutting wings
and hexagonal turrets.
From the front, the numerous
gunports are of particular note.
The roof and parapets were
really fun to build.


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
Northwest Elevation

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