#107 MacLellan's Castle
Kirkcudbright, Dumphries & Galloway, Scotland
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MacLellan's Castle is decribed by Plantagenet Somerset Fry [Castles of Britain and Ireland] as another 'borderline' castle. It could easily be taken at first glance to be an old ruinous mansion, but is closer to the defendable castle category by the presence of 10 gunloops on the ground floor, lack of direct access between the basement and hall, and a spyhole in an inglenook (referred to as the Laird's Lug on the First Floor Plan below) off the great hall. The castle was built in 1582 using stone taken from Greyfrair's Monastery on the property when Sir Thomas MacLellan bought it in 1569. The castle is a large L-plan tower house with two towers in the re-entrant angle and a five story tower on the opposite corner.
MacLellan's son Robert was made the first Lord Kirkcudbright in 1633. He successfully gained several land grants in Ireland. Protecting the Irish lands and supporting the Covenanters' cause after 1638 drained the family fortunes, however. In 1741 the then Lord Kirkcudbright was making gloves in Edinburgh, and the family abandoned the castle in 1752, removing the roof (to avoid further taxes) and taking the furniture. The deteriorating castle briefly passed on to the Maxwell and Douglas families before being put in State guardianship in 1912.

Restoration Drawing


Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan Third Floor Plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Built January-February, 2006
I .
North View East View Southeast View
South View
West View The small formal garden


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Lego Plan
Northwest Elevation
Southeast Elevation

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