#133 Leslie Castle
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
June 17, 1661 (and previous and later)
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Leslie Castle was built on the site of previous castles, the first a motte and bailey castle with a wooden stockade, followed in the 14th century by a stone structure of which nothing is known. The property originally belonged to a Flemish lord, Bertolf (or possibly his son, Malcolm). In 1294 Norman de Lesselyn swore fealty to King Edward I. The Barony of Leslie (and presumably the castle) remained in the Leslie family until 1620, when the 8th Baron of Leslie, George, mortgaged his title and property to John Forbes of Enzean. His son, William, successed his father as Baron of Leslie, and became the first Forbes of Leslie. William rebuilt the castle, placing the Forbes coat of arms above the door of his new castle...
Thus begins the known history of Leslie Castle, which apparently was a formidable complex, with a moat/ditch, drawbridge, gatehouse and other buildings in addition to the tower. Within the decade, in 1661, the castle was 'demolished', according to Martin Coventry's 3rd edition of The Castles of Scotland . The reason is not given, but the tower was apparently rebuilt almost immediately, presumably by the Forbes. In 1771 the castle was sold to the Leiths of Leith Hall, but by 1820 it was roofless and in ruin. In 1979 David Leslie, a 36 year old architect in Aberdeen, decided to buy [one acre plus ruin] and restore the old family castle. In December 1985 David and Leslie Leslie moved into their dream castle, and in 1989 the Leslies opened their castle as a luxury B&B, with 4 rooms available to rent. A worldwide Leslie gathering was held at the castle in 1995. However in 2001 the castle was for sale for 750,000 pounds sterling. It has subsequently been sold and is now a private home. The Leslies live in the Coach House on the property, and thus David retains the baronal title (see picture #5). Note also that picture #3 (2007) shows no staircase on the side wall (versus picture #4 - more recent). The door is original and was accessed by ladder.

Drawing of ruin when
David Leslie bought the
Plans of the Castle


Photos of the Lego Model under construction
Late December 2011 - January 6, 2012
Construction of the
L-plan tower began on
December 29.
The ground floor has several
gunloops, and slop ports from
the kitchen in the NNE corner.
By January 4 the first floor
windows are in place.
Here's the NNE view
On January 5 the third floor
was underway, with the
bartizans materializing
By January 6 the castle was
ready for its stair turret...
and, of course, the roof.
See the completed castle


Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 2011 - January 8, 2012
From the SSW From the SSE From the ESE From the ENE From the NNE
From the NNW
From the WNW From the WSW
Entrance & bartizan
I don't think you want to mess
with this Scottish family


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
South Elevation
East Elevation
North Elevation
West Elevation

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