#167 Kilcoy Castle
Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
1580 and 1618 (plus 1891)
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Kilcoy Castle is a Z-plan tower house located in the Scottish Highlands north of Inverness, on the Black Isle.  It dates from the late 16th and early 17th centuries.  Kilcoy is derived from the Gaelic "Cu coille" meaning "Nook of the (Hazel) Wood".  The castle consists of a four-story block with a pair of round towers of different diameters at the opposite corners. The smaller tower is corbelled out to a square, two story gabled watch tower.  There are round bartizans on the remaining corners of the main block, and stair turrets in the re-entrant angles.  The original entrance was in a re-entrant angle (where I have placed it in my model), though it is now in the center of the main block.  The basement is vaulted, containing four rooms, including the kitchen.  The lintel of the fireplace in the Hall is dated 1679.
The Kilcoy lands, consisting of more than 400 acres, are mentioned as early as 1294 as being in a grant to the Earl of Ross, but from at least 1511 to 1618 the lands belonged to the Stewarts of Newton and Muren.  Robert Stewart of Muren probably erected the original tower.  In 1603 Sir James Stewart  married Jean Fraser of Lovat, and received Kilcoy in a marriage settlement in 1605.  However, in 1611 the widowed Jean Fraser married Alexander Mackenzie, son of the 11th Baron of Kintail and chief of the clan, and in 1618 he received Kilcoy in the marriage settlement.  He completed the castle.  I can find not information about the castle after 1679, except that it was abandoned at some point and became ruinous.  The roof was removed to avoid taxes before 1846.  The estate was held by the Mackenzies  until 1883, with the 2nd Baronet, Sir Evan, died.  In 1891 the Burton-Mackenzies inherited the ruin, and had it restored by famed Alexander Ross, with a four-story wing added to the north side [which I have not built]. Since 1964 the castle has been owned by the Robinsons, and most recently the McAndrews, who periodically open it to the public.
Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan West Elevation
of the Current Castle
South (Front) Elevation
of the Current Castle
East Elevation
of the Current Castle


Photos of the Lego Model
Under Construction in February 2018
Construction begins on February 2,
with the castle laid on baseplates
(see pattern below).
Construction continues on the same
day, with the entrance moved to the
re-entrant angle on the south side.
The north side (minus 1891 addition)
is noteworthy for the water trough
and waste shaft in the kitchen area.
By February 4 the turret stairs
in both re-entrant angles can
by appreciated...
...and the first story windows
are also visible on all sides.
By the next day, the second
story is also completed...
and I head for two much warmer
weeks in sunny Florida!
Back on the job on February
22, the tower house is now
complete up to the level
of the roofline.
The stair turrets are taking
...and the corner bartizans
are also taking shape.
The height of the
watch tower can begin
to be appreciated.
On February 24 roofing the
castle begins!
It will be interesting
to see how the...
...roofs of the pair of cylindrical
towers mesh together.
One has a caphouse
to consider. See below!


Photos of the Lego Model
Built February - March 2018
The front (south) view
really accents the original
entrance in the re-entrant
This in my favorite angle,
and the one found most
often on the internet.
This is a really good
angle to view the NW
The northwest view seems
pretty bland, with four
tower fireplaces feeding
into a huge chimney.
The north side is pretty much
my design (with help from the
castle plans) since the 1891
addition had changed/obscured...
...the original wall of the
main block.  I'm sure the
kitchen shafts are long gone.
This is a nice view
of the east end of
Kilcoy Castle.
The southeast view, with
the two story caphouse
is a fitting way to
end the walkabout!


Build Your Own
Lego Plan with layout of baseplates
Ground Floor Lego Plan
First Floor Lego Plan
South Elevation
?? Elevation
?? Elevation
?? Elevation

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