#113 Vajdahunyad [Corvinesti] Castle
Hunedoara, Romania
1320 plus 1409-1453

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The very impressive castle of Hunedoara, Romania, was first built by the Anjou family in 1320 atop much older Roman fortifications on the bank of the River Zlasti. In 1409 Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg gave the castle to the Vlachi Duke Sorb [Serb] of the Corvin family as reward for military services. Sorb passed the castle on the his son Vajk Corvin. Vajk's son Iancu Corvin [1387-1456][aka Johannes Corvin de Hunyad; Iancu de Hunedoara] extensively remodeled the castle, adding 4 circular and 3 rectangular protective towers between 1441-6. From 1446 to 1453 Iancu also added the Chapel and the Knight's Hall, its roof and graceful ribbed vaults supported by five marble columns. As Regent of Hungary, Iancu de Hunedoara fought aggressively against the Ottoman Turks, alongside his ally Vlad Dracul, who ascended to the throne of Wallachia in 1456. Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1455 after a long seige.
In 1456, upon the death of King Iancu, the throne of Hungary and Romania was contested by various parties, especially Iancu's eldest son, Laszlo Corvin; the Habsburg King of Bohemia Ladislaus Posthumus; and a group of barons. With the beheading of Laszlo and the death (by poisoning?) of Ladislaus a couple months later, in 1458 the 15 year old Matei [Matthias] Corvin [1443-1490] became king of Transilvania and Hungary. Matei surprised the barons by ruled ably, becoming a very popular king, and additionally transformed his castle into a noble residence, adding the beautiful Matei Wing with its renaissance loggia. He continued his father's strife with the Turks. Vlad Dracul had been successful against the Turks along the Danube River, but the Ottoman Empire replied with a massive invasion of southern Romania (Wallachia). Vlad fled across the Transilvanian Alps and sought refuge at Vajdahunyad, where he was thought to be an enemy and imprisoned for 7 years. While it may be apocryphal, Vlad is reputed to have impaled mice and spoken with bats during his detention. The Prince was eventually recognized as a staunch ally and released. Vlad married King Matei's cousin's sister, and with the support of the Hungarian army, successfully drove the Turks out of Wallachia, albeit temporarily.
Vajdahunyad remained in the Corvin family until 1508. There were reportedly 22 subsequent owners until the castle became the property of the Habsburgs again in 1725. One owner, Gabriel Bethlen, Prince of Transilvania, in 1618 constructed the Bethlen Wing. Kata Bethlen, wife of the Hungarian Governor of Transilvania, was the last owner. Several fires damaged Vajdahunyad, the last in 1854. Major restorations occurred from 1868-1874 and again from 1956-1968. The castle was turned into a museum in 1974. Further restoration work began in 1997, but was reportedly delayed when "unseeable inhabitants roaming the castle" drove the workers away. Hunedoara, on the north slope of the Poiana Rusca portion of the Transilvanian Alps, is the most important steel and iron center of Romania.
The towers
near the main
The postern bridge on the
backside of the castle [see
photo 2 above]
The famous renaissance loggia
in front of the Matei Wing
The back of the
gatehouse tower
The well in the small courtyard
behind the Matei Wing
The graceful Knight's
Hall, built by Iancu
de Hunedoara
Corvin Crest Plan of the Castle Iancu de Hunedoara


Construction of the Lego Model
Begun November 12, 2006
The outline from the northwest
on November 12
The outline from the SSE
On November 22 the castle can
be detected along the river bank
And the beginnings of the dunjon and
its causeway start to take shape...
By December 27 most of the work is done... Except for several roofs! Soon!


Photos of the Lego Model
Built November 2006 - January 2007
Northwest View
Northeast View with postern bridge
Southeast View with archers
Southwest View
The front of Vajdahunyad Castle The bridge across the river Zlasti Thie hoardings atop the entrance tower Farmers off to work from the postern gate
Courtyard looking north Courtyard with chapel and loggia Courtyard looking south Concert on a battlemented terrace!


Build Your Own
My working plans are fairly incomplete, but frankly I doubt anyone will need these plans.
Lego Plan
Front Elevation
Back Elevation Loggia Elevation

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