#37 The Donjon at Château de Houdan
Seine-et-Oise, France
1110 - 1125
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The donjon at Château de Houdan was built about 1125, as the keep for the larger castle which can be vaguely appreciated from the poor drawing below. Presumably little or nothing of the rest of the castle remains. While the Great Hall and storeroom below at basically square, the donjon itself is round, with a round projecting turret at all four poles. The west turret houses the spiral staircase, while the remaining three are chambers off the Hall. The original entrance was 20 feet above the ground, in the north turret, with a mural stairways leading up to the Hall and down to the basement. The original entrance cannot be seen today (see right). The walls are 16 feet higher than the gutter to mask and protect the roof. At last report the donjon was serving as the municipal water tower for Houdan, and it may be that embarrassment which keeps mention of the castle off the World Wide Web.
Drawing of the Castle

East Elevation Basement & First Floor Plans Cross-section


Photos of the Lego Model
Built May 1991
North View East View Section View


Build Your Own Lego Castle
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
East Elevation

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