#10 & #66 The Keep of Hermitage Castle
The Borders, Scotland
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Hermitage is a massive and forbidding castle that began as a residential rectangular tower about 1360. A string of wicked or treacherous owners such as Baron de Soulis, James Hepburn (whose affair with Mary, Queen of Scots was the scandal of the 16th century Scotland) and Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (who was suspected of treacherous secret dealings with the English) gave the gradually enlarged castle a reputation for the ghastly as well as the ghostly. Much of the present appearance can be attributed to the Douglases.
For the majority of its existance, 'the strength of Liddesdale' was a key to controlling much of the Border country. Hermitage became known as "the guardhouse of the bloodiest valley in Britian" as its location was highly prized and fought over. The very building of the original timber castle and its impressive earthworks in 1242 almost caused a war between Scotland and England. The original timber castle is long gone, but the earthwork defences remain. By the nineteenth century major restoration took place and in 1930 the castle was placed in the care of the State.

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in 1987
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