#21 & #85 Hedingham Castle
Essex, England
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This magnificent tower was built by Aubrey de Vere III, 1st Earl of Oxford, about 1141 atop the earthwork of the previous timber fortress of his grandfather, a knight in the service of William the Conqueror, dating to about 1100.  The 73 foot tall Keep was the home of the de Veres, Earls of Oxford, Lord great Chamberlains of England, for 550 years. The castle, basically an upgraded motte and bailey structure, was successfully besieged twice by by French Prince Louis and King John in the Civil War that followed Robert de Vere and other barons forcing the king to sign the Magna Carta in 1215.  The castle soon reverted back to the family, however, and was held by the de Vere family until 1625, when Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford, died.
It is unclear who owned Hedingham during the next 88 year, but in 1713 the castle was purchased by Sir William Ashhurst, a Whig politician and banker, who served as Lord Mayor of London from 1693 to 1694.  After his death in 1720, the estate passed to his great-granddaughter, Margaret Elizabeth Kindsay, the wife of Lewis Majendie.  The Majendie family owned Hedingham for the next 250 years, until Miss Musette Majendie left it to her cousin, the Honorable Thomas Lindsay, descended from the de Veres through both paternal and maternal lines. His son Jason and wife Demetra now live in Hedingham Castle.  Hedingham was visited by King Henry VII, King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, and remains of great historical interest. Hedingham's ornate banqueting hall boasts a magnificent arch and a fine minstrel's gallery, and is available for weddings and other events. The interior woodwork was redone following severe fire in 1918.
Drawing of the motte and
bailey castle
Great Hall looking north Great Hall looking south
Minstrel's Gallery
around the Great Hall

General Plan of the
Ground Floor Plan First & Second
Floor Plans
Gallery Floor Plan Third Floor Plan Cross-section


Photos of the Lego Models
Built October 1988 & April-May 2002
Note: The new model is over 34" tall and is architecturally as detailed as I can make it inside the forebuilding and at the Great Hall
and Gallery levels, as you will see below. It is very likely the original keep had four turrets, like Rochester with whom Hedingham
is frequently compared. The drawbridge may well be fanciful but the chronologically and technically similar Rochester has one.
The new model utilized 15,511 Lego pieces, including 6,137 light gray 1x2 bricks, 316 1x5x4 light gray half arches, with the feast
requiring 358 parts for furniture, food, musicians, guests, etc. Other specifics available upon request.
WSW View - 1988 Open View - 1988 SW View - 2002 WNW View - 2002
Slideout section of
the north wall...
...reveals the Great Hall. The banquet is ready, with fire
blazing and torches lit.
The original battlemented
roof has four turrets.
A guest hurries
around the gallery...
...to the spiral stair in the
northwest tower.
The forebuilding also opens... ...showing a cutaway of the stairs
& the castle door with portcullis.

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Ground Floor Plan
1988 Model
First Floor Plan
1988 Model
Second Floor Plan
1988 Model
Gallery Floor Plan
1988 Model
Third Floor Plan
1988 Model
Roof & Turret Plans
1988 Model
Ground Floor Plan
2002 Model
West Elevation
2002 Model
2nd Floor (Great Hall) Plan
2002 Model


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