#42 Harlech Castle
Gwynedd, Wales
"Castell cadarn a'i safle grymus ar ben y graig"
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"A mighty castle superby situated on a rocky crag" is an apt decription for Harlech, after seven centuries still the most magnificent achievement of Master James of St. George. So pleased in fact was King Edward I that he made James the constable of Harlech from the castle's completion until 1293, while James was overseeing construction of Beaumaris and Caernarfon Castles in Wales. The massive gatehouse is 80 x 54 feet and the twin cylindrical towers guard a passageway with three portcullis' and three sets of doors!
The impregnability of Harlech to attack was proven when a Welsh force led by Madog ap Llywelyn was held off by 37 men in 1294. Harlech was, however, not insusceptable to seige. Harlech was taken in 1404 by Owain Glyndwr but only by starving the diseased garrision into surrendering. Another long seige five years later led by Harry of Monmouth, Prince of Wales (and later King Henry V) forced Owain to give up his headquarters at Harlech, resulted in the capture of his wife and four children, and ended his rebellion and career. Harlech was the last castle to surrender to Cromwell in 1646, thus signalling the end of the Civil War.

General Plan of
the Castle
Plan of the
Great Gatehouse
Cutaway View of
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Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 1991
Construction View #1

Construction View #2
Construction View #3
Construction View #4
Norheast View
East View
Southwest view
West View


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