#48 Grosmont Castle
Gwent, Wales
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Grosmont (or "Big Hill") is one of three castles that guarded the Golden Valley of the Welsh Marches. The other pair are Skenfrith and White Castles, and all three are within several miles of each other and were jointly owned and controlled. All probably started as motte and bailey or ringwork castles of earth and wood. In 1201 King John granted Hubert de Burgh the 'trilateral' castles and beginning in 1210, de Burgh began major improvements at Grosmont, beginning with construction of the palacial 32 by 96 foot Hall Tower. In the next 30 years the three story gatehouse with its 16 foot wide passageway and the pair of four story cyclindrical towers were added around the compact courtyard.
Henry III was in residence at Grosmont in 1233 when a daring night attack by Richard de Clare forced him to flee the liveable but half-completed castle. It was at Grosmont that the Glyndwr rebellion was dealt a severe blow in 1405. Future king Henry V routed the Welsh beseigers in a battle that is said to have cost the insurgents 800 lives.
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Built October 1993
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