#120 Glenbuchat Castle
Aberdeenshire, Grampian, Scotland
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Glenbuchat Castle is a roofless but otherwise well-preserved, classic Z-plan Scottish castle. It has a pair a square towers at the opposite corners of a 3-story rectangular keep with a garret. The door is in a re-entrant angle of the SW square tower. The rest of the ground floor is occupied by the kitchen with a large, arched walk-in fireplace, pantries, wine cellar, etc. In addition to the main staircase, there is a smaller circular stairway to the main hall from the wine cellar. From the main floor, the second floor and garret rooms are accessed via a pair of a spiral staircases in two other re-entrant angles. The castle features both round and square bartizans.
The castle was built by the Gordons, an extremely powerful Aberdeenshire family. The Gordon Earl of Huntly led the Catholic Rebellion of 1592, and within two years of completion, Glenbuchat was occupied by the forces of Protestant king James VI. Later Brigadier-General John Gordon of Glenbuchat fought for the Jacobites in both the 1715 and 1745 Risings. In 1746 the General, then 70 years old, led the Gordons and the Farquharsons at the Battle of Culloden. "Old Glenbucket" as he was known was so devoted to the Pretender's causes that King George II was haunted by him in his dreams, often awakening screaming "De gread Glenbogged is goming!" in his thick German accent. Gordon was hunted after Culloden, but managed to escape to Norway, disquised as a beggar. He died in France. The castle was a ruin by 1738 (though you'll note the etching dated 1840 shows the main roof still intact) and sold to the Duff Earl of Fife. The main hall and master bedroom were divided after 1700.

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Photos of the Lego Model
Under construction in early February, 2008
The size of the castle (and
it's immediate environs) are
Next the outline of the castle
is centered on its base...
Soon the terrain - in this case
snow - is added (including the
shoveled walk) and the castle
is ready to build!
The first two floors of the
castle are done.
Won't take too many more days
(as of February 5!)
The castle is now ready for its roof.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built February, 2008
Here is the completed model
from the southeast.
The view from the east nicely
shows the wintery scene.
From the back (northwest) the
pair of stair turrets can be
The southwest view does a
perfect job showing the Z-plan.
The family watches as the children
Much of the snow has melted, but
can still be seen of the window
sills and corbiestepped gables.


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
East Elevation
North Elevation
West Elevation
South Elevation

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