#160 Castle of Fiddes
Near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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The Castle of Fiddes is a late 16th century L-plan tower house of three stories and a garret.  There is a round tower at the south-west corner of the main block, corbelled out square and capped by a corbiestepped watch chamber.  Another round stair tower in the re-entrant angle contains the entrance and staircase to the hall level.  A third stair-turret projects from the middle of the north wall.  It is also capped with a corbelled-out watch chamber.  Bartizans with conical roofs crown three corners of the castle.  The vaulted basement is pierced by several shot holes, and contains the wine cellar and kitchen, which has a large fireplace and oven.  There is a narrow staircase leading to the hall.  The upper floors contain a private chamber, a second hall and several bed chambers.
The castle was built in 1592 by the Arbuthnotts, probably either Andrew Arbuthnott, 15th of Arbuthnott (1533-1606) or one of his sons, Sir Robert (1554-1631), an MP, or James (d. 1606).  The castle and property were sold to the Thomsons of Arduthie in the late 17th century, and at some point the castle became derelict (see pictures dated about 1905).  By 1954 some restoration had been done (see second row of pictures - with windows in place), but major restoration occurred in the 1960s.  The Castle of Fiddes is now a working farm, with the owner a member of the Scottish Castle Association.
This picture is from a 1905 postcard. Windowless tower at a similar time.


In this series of... ...pictures from the 1950s... ...basic remodeling is done... ...with windows, and a definite... ..."lived-in" look.


Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Under construction in early September, 2017
On September 1, construction
begins with the base laid out.
Original ground floor windows
and shot holes/slits are
identified and placed.
The next day the first floor
is completed...
...with the base of the
corner bartizans just
On September 3 the tower
rises through the 2nd story.
The castle becomes more
impressive by the day!
The castle is ready for
a roof on September 4.

The next pictures will be
the completed tower below!


Photos of the Lego Model
Built September, 2017
Here is the completed
Castle of Fiddes, looking
from the east.
The only door is protected
by a shot hole and balcony
The south view is what you
would see driving into the
castle yard.
The southwest watch
tower is set at a 45
angle to the main block.
The west view features
the 3rd corner bartizan.
Many of the classic features
of a Scottish tower can be
appreciated from the NW.
The north side high-
lights the stair/watch
\turret in the center
of the wall.
Finally the view from
the NE features the
chimneys, the largest
above the kitchen.


Build Your Own
Lego Ground and Roof Plan
Lego First Floor Plan

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