#86 Fiddaun Castle
Co. Galway, Ireland
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This former O'Shaughnessy fortress, occupied from 1574 to 1729, is a tall 6-story tower with an attic. It has a pair of box machicolations (bartizans) on the north and south corners at the third floor level. The castle stands in the middle of one of the best preserved bawns in Ireland. The inner bawn is rectangular with a modest 3-story gatehouse in the northwest curtain and a sharp triangular projection from the southwest curtain which looks like part of a star fortification. Located between Lough Doo and Lough Aslaun, the castle was built on a rocky area next to a water-filled channel which partially protected the castle. The original outer bawn, now mostly ruined, enclosed 12 acres, making Fiddaun the largest castle in Ireland.


Layout of Tower and Bawn
Tower Elevation & Section
Floor Plans of the Tower
Floor Plans of the Gatehouse


Photos of the Lego Model
Built June 2002
Front View Northwest View East View South View Southwest View
Northwest Curtain It's dusk and the shepherd... ...returns with his flock!

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General Lego Plan Roof Plan of Tower Gatehouse and Bawn Wall
Plan & Elevation
NE Elevation NW Elevation SW Elevation SE Elevation

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