#94 Dunsoghly Castle
Finglas, County Dublin, Ireland
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Located on the north edge of Dublin, Dunsoghly Castle was built about 1450 by Sir Rowland Plunkett, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, or his son Sir Thomas Plunkett, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. It is a four-story rectangular tower with a virtually square turret at each corner. The northeast turret houses the circular staircase, and the southwest and smallest, the garderobes and prison. The 80 foot tall castle features the only remaining original timber roof in Ireland - the roof has been the model for several renovated Irish castles such as Bunrattym Ballytarsna and Rothe House. The castle was continuously occupied by the Plunkett family until the late nineteenth century, with Sir John Plunkett building the small chapel at the edge of the bawn in 1573. Dunsoghly currently sits in the middle of a farmyard and is generally inaccessable, though it was used as an "Edinburgh castle" set in the movie Braveheart. When I sought to visit the castle in June 2003, I was only able to get the attention of a couple of hounds.


Castle Plans
Note: One source said the prison was in the top of the SW turret, but accessable only from
above, but the 3rd (top) floor clearly is a garderobe. Thus the prison must be in the turret
itself - accessable from the turret roof.
General plan with chapel and bawn Ground floor plan Third floor plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Built January 2004
Northeast View with
entrance & stair turret.
Southeast View with part
of bawn wall & 1573 Chapel.
Southwest View
with postern door.
NNW View with bawn
wall & entrance.
Chapel closeup with modern
bawn wall & gate.
This view shows turrets,
chimneys & medieval roof.
View through the large
2nd & 3rd floor windows.


Build Your Own
Ground floor plan
showing plinths
Roof plan with possible
crenels and merlons
South Elevation West Elevation North Elevation East Elevation

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