#75 Drum Castle
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Late thirteenth century & 1619
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Possibly the oldest occupied castle in Scotland, Drum was the home of the Irvine family for more than six and a half centuries. The original tower, with walls 12 feet thick at the base and standing 70 feet tall, is thought to have been built for the Comyns by Richard Cementarius during the reign of Alexander III. The rambling stone Jacobean mansion was completed in 1619, and the curtain in the 19th century.

With Edward "Longshanks" choice for King of Scotland, John Balliol, imprisoned in London, just Balliol's nephew, John 'Red' Comyn stood in the way of Robert the Bruce's quest for the throne. When Comyn was killed, Drum Castle was given to William de Irwyn, Bruce's armor bearer, by the new King. When the 24th Laird of Drum, Henry Quentin Forbes Irvine, died childless in 1975, Drum was bequeathed to the National Trust for Scotland.

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