#92 Saint Laurence's Gate
Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland
13th Century
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Drogheda was founded on the banks of the River Boyne in 911 by Danish Vikings. For many years it rivalled Dublin in importance as a trading center. The Viking meeting place on the hill on the south side of the river was used by Walter de Lacy about 1180 as the site for his Norman motte castle. The Millmount artillery fort now stands on that site. On the north side of the Boyne another town grew. The St. Laurence's Gate which I have recreated in Lego is generally regarded as part of the town wall or barbican. There was great rivally between the two towns until a monk in 1412 persuaded the towns to join together as one. The massive Gate is virtually all that remains of the medieval fortifications of Drogheda. It's an impressive landmark as you arrive at town center from the south.

The twin-towered gate originally was three stories tall plus battlements, and was just over 42 feet in height. In the 15th century two further stories were added to the tower, bringing it's height to 63 feet and making it even more formidible. St. Laurence's Gate is considered the finest remaining fortified gate in Ireland, and rivals those in Canterbury, England in its glory. It's interesting that most books and websites describe four stories, when clearly there was a fifth floor in each tower with arrowslits seen on both the section and the pictures. Unfortunately ongoing renovations detract from the pictures I took in June 2003 (see bottom pair).


Tower Plans
Note: I discovered these plans and sections in a display at
Cahir Castle in Co. Tipperary, and photographed them!
Floor Plans Sections


Photos of the Lego Model
Built August 2003
Note: My model shows a battlement at the fourth floor. While not present in
modern times, a corbel and dotted line is seen on the side section.
Front View of the Gate
from battlement level
Front (east) View
from ground level
(Side) View
Aerial View of the back of
St. Laurence's Gate
Ground level View of the
interesting back of the Gate
Detail of the entrance
and back parapets


Build Your Own
Ground floor plan First floor plan with
stairs to second floor
Battlement plan with
third floor gallery
Front Elevation Back Elevation

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