#32 Doune Castle
Perthshire, Scotland
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Doune Castle is a marvelous enclosure castle begun about 1390 by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany and later Regent of Scotland. The massive gatehouse is 95' tall and the curtain wall 40' tall! The enclosure is pentagonal, with buildings and towers along the curtain. There was important restoration done following the castle's capture by James I in 1425, when the castle was granted to the Earls of Moray, who still hold it.

Several further restoration projects in the 19th and 20th centuries have continued to upgrade the condition of the castle. Parts of "Monte Python and the Holy Grail" were photographed here. The lower five photos are from my visit in August 2000. Note our arrival in the rain (see left) and the welcome sunshine 30 minutes later (right). The inside of the curtain wall, tower fireplace and tower's battlemented roof are seen below.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built April 1990
North Northwest View
South Southeast View
South Southwest View
West Northwest View
Courtyard View

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