#57 Derryhivenny Castle
County Galway, Ireland
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Built in County Galway in 1643 by Daniel O'Madden, Derryhivenny is one of the last true tower houses erected in Ireland. In Brian de Breffny's CASTLES OF IRELAND, he writes: "In Connaught the tower-house tradition died hard." The tower bristles with its many musket-ports and the sophisticated fortified manor has tall chimneys on the gables. It is a four-story tower in an L-shaped bawn with cylindrical towers at the opposite corners.

In our attempt to visit Derryhivenny during our visit to Ireland in 2003, the castle wasn't hard to locate with its chimneys standing seven storys tall [see photo 1], but we couldn't get near it, driving nearly 3/4 the way around the castle until we happened on a farmer's driveway. As we pulled in, the smell was awful - immediately reminding us of what "Pig" Finn must have smelt like in the movie Waking Ned Devine. The owner was in the yard with his dogs. When we inquired about the castle, he said "I'm going into town. Follow me." We retraced our plan around the castle to a wide gate in the stone wall, which he obligingly opened. "Just drive across the field," he instructed, "and close the gate when you leave." Somewhat nervously we drove in - the field was an easy drive! And the neglected castle was well worth the visit. The fourth photo shows excellent fireplaces with mantles intact on floors two and three, with a musket port beneath.

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Corner View

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