#128 Château de Crupet/Carondelet Castle
Crupet, Namur, Belgium
11 to 14th Centuries
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This is one of the most perfect and best preserved tower house castles outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The origins of the castle are not known on the internet, but I suspect the current owners possess considerable historical information and perhaps they will be willing to enlighten us all. However, the Crupet webpage has disappeared in recent months, which wouldn't seem to be a good sign. The castle in its present form was probably built by the Crupet family, for which the village is named, about 1315. In 1510 the castle passed to the Carondelet family, for reasons unknown and they held it until the French Revolution. They added the stair tower and the uppermost floor. The Carondelet family crest can be seen above the entrance to the gatehouse, which had a drawbridge until the 18th century. The castle was restored in 1925 and was owned by the Limbosch family until 2008. The castle and grounds have not been open to the public, but Marc Goovaerts writes me that the castle was recently sold to a Dutchman, and his plans for the castle are unknown.


Main Floor Plan Model1 Model2 Plans & Elevations
from the old website


Photos of the Lego Model
Construction began on January 19, 2010

I am indebted to Marc Goovaerts of Antwerp, Belgium, and my dear cyber-friend and AFOL Steve Wroble for
reminding me about this beautiful little castle, which was so exciting to design and build!

The castle is outlined on January 19,
as I await Lego for Neuschwanstein...
Later the same day, despite
my busy schedule as a
dermatologist, more has been
At the end of day 2, January
20, the bridge, front door
& main floor windows are
mostly done.
After a third day of building
the second story is well
under way...
but an impasse has been reached
because I forgot to order 2 65º light
gray 2 x 1 x 2 slopes.
So on day 4 there's lots of fun
working on the stucco third
until I get to the unfinished
garderobe -- and construction
halts for the next several days.
Building resumes on January
28 when the two slopes arrive
and the garderobe is done.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built January 19-29, 2010
The castle is finished on
January 29. Here's
view from the southeast.
The entrance is across
an impressive bridge.
The tower from the north.
and the WSW! But isn't she cute?!
What a nice home!


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
ENE Elevation
SSE Elevation
WSW Elevation

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