#30 Crichton Castle
Midlothian, Scotland
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Crichton is a formidable castle that began as a simple 35' x 48' rectangular tower, three stories tall, built by John de Crichton around 1390. Successive waves of construction over the next 200 years added a massive gatehouse and residential ranges resulting in a square courtyard. The castle was besieged and captured during the Scottish reformation in 1559 in the struggle between Protestants and Catholics.

King James I ordered the castle razed, but fortunately the order was not carried out. The last construction phase includes an Italianate diamonded facade on one side of the courtyard, built by Francis, Earl of Bothwell, who had spent time adventuring in Spain and Italy. From the top of Crichton's walls you can see Borthwick Castle 5 miles away.

Photos of the Italianate Diamonded Facade


Castle Plans
Ground Floor First Floor


Photos of the Lego Model
Built Feb 1990
North View
Southeast View
West View
Italianate Diamonded


Build Your Own
Top Down
Lego Plan

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