#34 Craigmillar Castle
Edinburgh, Scotland
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Craigmillar, located in Edinburgh, was attacked and burned in 1544 by the Earl of Hereford on behalf of Henry VIII, but was rebuilt in time to host Mary, Queen of Scots in 1566-7. It was at Craigmillar that she, Bothwell, Argyll, Huntly and others plotted the murder of Mary's husband Darnley in revenge for his killing of her secretary, David Rizzio.

This picturesque castle began as an L-plan tower of 49 x 53 feet in 1374, and was enclosed by a massive curtail wall in 1420, with cylindrical towers at each corner. Ranges of outbuildings were added along three sides of the curtain, which is 28' tall. The lower pictures I took at this wonderful castle on a cloudy day in August 2000.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built Oct 1990
North View
South View
West View

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