#69 & #130 Craigievar Castle
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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Craigievar Castle is probably the most photographed castle in Scotland, with the possible exception of Eilean Donan. The L-plan tower is seven-stories tall and is luxurious internally. Craigievar has been called the 'epitome of the Jacobean Renaissance in Scotland'.There was a walled courtyard with towers and an outer gate, but the single castle entrance is guarded by two stout doors with a 'yett' in between. The finely corbelled turrets, conical roofs and balconies give the castle, set high on a hill, a fairy-tale look.
The castle may have been begun as early as 1610 and has changed very little since its completion in 1626 by William Forbes (1566-1627, brother of the Bishop of Arberdeen. Educated at the University of Edinburgh, William made a fortune in Baltic trade, Earning the nickname "Danzig Willie". In 1603 William married Margaret Woodward, the daughter of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh. The Forbes' had other properties, notably Fintray near Aberdeen. No building papers for Craigievar have survived prior to 1776.

Most of the courtyard ranges were removed early in the 19th century, leaving only the entrance wall and one corner turret. Despite the updating of Craigievar, Fintray remained the principal Forbes residence until it was conscripted during World War II. The family moved to Craigievar and never returned to Fintray. Craigievar Castle has only has one entrance and it is said that although the Forbes might enter through the main door, they all had to ultimately leave via a window, since it was impossible to carry a coffin down the narrow stairs. These photos (except the interiors) were taken at the castle in August 2000 - what a trip!

I included this plan
since it has both
size & orientation.
The plans for the Ground and First Floors
(from the official guidebook)
The plans for the Second and Third Floors
And the Fourth and Fifth Floors
(the maid surely got her exercise!)


Photos of the Lego Model
Built June 1999
Aerial View

East View
Eastnortheast View
North View
Northnortheast View

Southeast View
Southsoutheast View
West View
Westsouthwest View
In Progress #1
In Progress #2
In Progress #3


Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 2010 - January 2011
I've been waiting more than 10 years for Lego Group to market as set with tan [sand yellow] 3x3x6
castle wall corner panels - and finally in the fourth edition of Hogwarts Castle - there they were!

The tan version of the
castle is laid out on
December 26, 2010.
A fair amount of construction
occurs on day 1!
And since the project was
put on hold while I worked
on Bodiam & Nefertari, I
took no more pictures...


Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 2010 - May 2011
North View
Northeast View East View
Eastsoutheast View
Southeast View

South View
Southwest View
West View
Northwest View
Aerial View (sort of)


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
North Elevation
East Elevation
South Elevation
West Elevation

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