#145 Coxton Tower
Llanbryde, Moray, Scotland
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Coxton Tower is the smallest castle I have built. The design of the model, which I barely followed, was done more than 25 years ago. I had no reason to build the little model until now - for a display at Decatur's First Lego League tournament this coming weekend [see below]. One author refers to the tower as a "fortalice" or tiny fortress. It was originally bristling with gun ports. The castle is just 25 feet square with walls up to 5 feet thick, leaving a single roughly 15 foot room on each level. All four rooms are vaulted, with the vaults at right angles on each level. The main roof and angle turret roofs are all stone, making the tower fire-proof! The entrance to the castle was via ladder to a door on the first floor, though there is now a modern stone stairway. The basement door is a "recent" addition - original access to the basement was only via a trapdoor in the middle of the living room floor.

The castle was built by the Inneses of Invermarkie, and is located about 3 miles south of Elgin. The heraldic plaque above the door bears the Innes coat of arms, the initials R.I. and A.I. and the date 1644. However, most authors note the castle appears to be older. Coxton Tower is marked on Bleau's Atlas Novus map of Moray, dated about 1590. The current tower may be a repaired older tower, as the Privy Council in 1635 ordered the Inneses of Leuchars and other members of the clan to "restore the property of...Mr. John Innes of Coxtoun" to his executors, and to pay "1000 merks for the wrong and insolence committed in the taking of the place of Coxtoun." It is not the only known incidence of fighting among branches of the Innes clan. Around 1700 the castle, which then had a courtyard, was sold the William Duff of Dipple, the father of the first Duff Earl of Fife. The tower was recently repaired [see 4th picture] but is not occupied.


Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 7-8, 2014
Built for the First Lego League's Decatur Qualifying Tournament, December 13, 2014, hosted
by 4-H ROBOSTORMS and FTC 5202 -Zip TIE Fighter
South View
Southwest View
Northwest View
Northeast View
Southeast View
The Invermarkie Inneses are
ready for visitors...
...while the ladies watch from
the open bartizan.
Top Down View


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