#15 & #63 Conwy Castle
Gwynedd, Wales
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Guarding the entrance to the River Conwy in Gwynedd, this magnificent castle was built in just five years, beginning in 1283, by the famous Master James of St. George, for King Edward I. The fortifications included not only the castle but more than 3/4ths of a mile of curtain wall and towers which surrounded the town. Originally there were three gateways into Conwy Town and of course the entrance to the fabulous castle itself. A considerable portion of the town wall and wallwalks are still navigable!
The castle was so imposing, with its high curtain wall and eight great towers, each 70 feet tall, that the Welsh refused to attack her for more than 100 years! During the Rebellion of 1294 King Edward II and his army were trapped within Conwy for some days without much food, but only because the flooded river cut them off. Conwy was captured only once and then by trickery. On Good Friday 1401, with most of the garrison at church, a carpenter gained access to the castle and admitted a group of Welsh rebels who proclaimed their allegiance to Owain Glyndwr. The castle gradually deteriorated and was sold in 1624 to the Viscount Conwy for just 100!!
Drawing of the Castle
Plan of the Castle
Inner Ward Plan
Second Floor

Photos of the Lego Model
Built Dec 1996
First version built
in 1988
Northeast View
Northwest View
Southeast View
Southwest View

Build Your Own
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Lego Plan #2
East Elevation
North Elevation #1
North Elevation #2
South Elevation #1
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West Elevation

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