#19 & #114 Claypotts Tower
Tayside, Scotland
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West Southwest View
Built about 1569 by John Strachan near Dundee, Claypotts is a wonderful example of the Z-plan Scottish tower (see also Midmar Castle page). Claypotts was the home of Bonnie Dundee, who raised an army to support James II. When James was deposed by William of Orange, Claypotts was given to the Marquis of Douglas and to his descendents, including the late Lord Home.

East View

Southeast View
While its outbuildings have vanished, the defenses of the tower itself remain formidable. There is no approach to the castle that isn't in the line of fire from a ground floor gunport -- which were located among others next to the entrance and even in the back of the main kitchen fireplace. There is a slot above the entrance for shooting or perhaps foul liquids. The cylindrical towers at opposing corners of the rectangular core are topped with cap-houses. All the pictures were taken by me (or my wife in the case of the SW view).

Southwest View with me
Claypotts Castle Plans
Ground Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan

Photos of the Lego Model
Built October 1988
Northeast View
Southeast View
West Northwest View
Closeup View

Photos of the Lego Model
Built January 2007
I'm fascinated with the liberties I took with my 1988 model - allowing that Lego Group had minimal black roof slopes available then, so the roofs were red,
and that my only window options almost 20 years ago were the very limited Lego windows (red, white and yellow) - the addition and subtraction of
windows to many areas on the 1988 model would never do in 2007! Oh, well - it's nice to be better at whatever we do!
View of the front of Claypotts -
the West Northwest elevation
The view of the new model from
the Northeast proclaims the flaws
of the 1988 model: the north side
is windowless!
The Southeast view highlights
the back of the tower.
The Southwest Tower has
quite a number of small
windows in addition to the
This sort of aerial view gives
more roof and balcony details.
This lower angle displays the
corbelling that supports the
famous caphouses.
Here is a closeup of the balcony
at the SE corner of the central
block with its roundel and drain
spouts. Same on the NW corner.
Finally, a closeup of the
door with rifle slit above
and nearby gunport to
impede intruders!

Claypotts at Family Discovery Day
at Maroa-Forsyth Grade School, March 24, 2007
Shortly after the holidays I was asked if I might bring a Lego castle to Maroa-Forsyth's Family Discovery Day, a Hands-on Experience which featured
stained glass, marker butterflies, make-your-own sculpture dough, basket weaving, origami, etc. With Claypotts just built - and easy to transport -
I decided to reproduce my 1988 model, and make a staged presentation of the new Claypotts. With 130 kids and their parents, both Judy and I
were kept very busy for the two hours of the Experience.
Here I am with the 4 versions of
Claypotts - more or less ready for
for onslaught of grade schoolers.
For the first and probably last time,
two models of the same castle sit
side by side. It took just over
3 hours to recreate Claypotts 1988!
I built a model of just the ground floor
of my new model. It demonstated not
only the thickness of the walls, but gave
life to the finished model as well.
This picture shows better Claypotts
ground floor, with its entrance hall,
pair of spiral staircases and four
rooms. See details below:
Here is the only entrance/exit
of the castle. The beginnings of
rifle slit above the door are seen.
This picture shows the entrance
hall and main staircase, with doors
to the kitchen and armory visible.
Here is the first of two views of the
all-important kitchen in the SW tower.
The huge cooking fireplace and sluice
basin are prominent...
...but the cook has her table and
utensils which are practically
as important. Note the gunports
and small windows for light...
Next to the kitchen is the
storeroom, with both preserved
food in barrels and fresh fruits
and vegetables.
The next room I've designated the
armory, though in addition to
weapons for protection, several
wine casks entice the residents.
The second spiral staircase leads
from the armory to the floors above.
(It's a little narrower in reality, but
Lego offers only one size...)
Finally, in the northeast tower
is the treasure room - and there
is the Laird enjoying his wealth!

Build Your Own
East View
Top Down

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