#47 Clara Castle
County Kilkenny, Ireland
15th Century
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This late fifteenth century tower was built by the Shortall family and continuously occupied until early in the 20th century. That allowed this Irish tower, which is five stories tall plus attic, to maintain many of its original oak doors and other characteristics! The tower has an entrance strengthened by a yett and a drawbar behind the door, as well as most of its typical Irish merlons along the parapets. Yet with its 32 x 72 foot bawn, probably built in the seventeenth century to protect the sheep from robbers in the night rather than for defense of the castle, the place would almost be insignicant today were it not for the original horizontal trellises and oak floors. The secret room in a 3rd fllor wall is accessed through a fake lavatory seat in the 4th floor garderobe - talk about crappy accomodations! There are many Irish towers of similar design.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built September 1993
East Southeast View
North Northwest View
South Southwest View
West Northwest View
Cross Section

Build Your Own
East and North Elevations
Lego Plans Gnd to 3rd
West and South Elevations
4th Floor and Battlement Plans
Stairway Section

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