#20 Chipchase Pele Tower
Chollerton, Northumberland, England
Around 1348
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Chipchase Tower is an imposing structure on the left bank of the North Tyne attributed to Walter Heron in the mid-14th century. It replaced an earlier tower built at least a century earlier, possibly by the de Umfraville owners in the 12th century, or by Peter de Insula around 1261, when he obtained a license to strengthen his mill dam from Alexander III, King of Scots, who owned the property on the right bank of the river.  The fine, four story Pele Tower House was built soon after Heron married the de Lisle heiress in 1348, though the first mention of the castle is in 1415, when it was in the possession of Alexander Heron.  A survey in 1541 noted that the 'fare tower' had a 'manor of stone joined thereto'.  Sir George Heron was killed in the 'Raid of Redesdale' in 1575.  The defensive tower is 34 x 51 feet in size and 50 feet tall. Its original oak portcullis is still in place. The two tiered fifth floor turrets, all connected by a parapet walk, were and are an outstanding feature of this castle.

In 1621 Cuthbert Heron, George's brother, removed the old manor house and built a beautiful Jacobean mansion, attaching it to the old Pele Tower.  Cuthbert soon became the High Sheriff of Northumberland.  His second son, also Cuthbert, was created a baronet by King Charles II, but his financial problems followed his family, who eventually sold the castle and its properties to a Newcastle merchant in 1727.  John Reed, a Newcastle banker, acquired the property in 1734, and it was he who made the major alterations to the old tower.  The family bank's failure led Reed's descendents to sell the estate to the Greys of Backworth, who in turn sold the property to Hugh Taylor in 1861.  The castle is currently associated with author Paul Torday, and the gardens are routinely open to the public.

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