#68 Château de Chillon
Montreux, Switzerland
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Castle Chillon was started in the 11th century, expanded and completed in the 13th century. Built on a tiny island at the water's edge by the Counts of Savoy, this castle has a strategic position guarding the narrow passage between Lake Geneva and the Alps entering Italy, and controlling shipping on the lake itself, in addition to serving as palacial accomodations for the Counts themselves.

Chillon Castle exudes stability and strength with it's rectangular walls and towers. Later, in the sixteenth century during of occuption of the Vaud by the Bernese, Chillon was used as a state prison. The château has also been the subject of romantic poets such as Shelley, Rousseau, Hugo and Dumas, and is perhaps best known for the poem written by Lord Byron, "The Prisoner of Chillon", about Bonivard's imprisonment in the 16th century.



Photos of the Lego Model
Built Nov-Dec 1998
East Northeast View
North Northwest View
West Southwest View
South Southeast View
North Closeup
The Bath
The Bazaar
Outer Courtyard
West Northwest Closeup Entrance Gate Under Construction

Build Your Own
East Elevation #1
East Elevation #2

Top Down #1
Top Down #2
  West Elevation #1
West Elevation #2

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