#99 Castle Campbell
in Dollar Glen, just west of Gloom Glen, east of Burn of Sorrow
Stirlingshire & Clackmannan, Scotland
Mid-15th century plus additions
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It was a damp morning when we visited this picturesque castle far up Dollar Glen a few miles from huge Stirling Castle in the middle of Scotland. Originally named Castle Glume [Gloom], the tower was probably built about 1450, though it is first mentioned in a Papal bull of 1466 as having been burned by the owner, Walter Stewart of Lorne, presumably in a serious falling out with his fuedal superior. The name of the castle probably was derived from the gaelic "Glom" meaning chasm, an apt description of the castle's location. The current keep is the result of the rebuilding of Castle Glume. The castle came into the hands of the Campbells when Colin Campbell, the first Earl of Argyll, married Elizabeth Stewart, one of the heiresses of the estate, in 1465. The name of the castle was changed to Campbell by King James IV in an act of Parliament in 1489.
Castle Campbell continued to be the Lowland residence of the Earls of Argyll, with the fourth Earl, Archibald Campbell distinguishing himself in the Battle of Pinkie and the siege of Haddington. The first Scottish nobleman to embrace the Reformation with enthusiasm, Archibald was visited by John Knox in 1556. Mary Queen of Scots visited Castle Campbell in 1563. The Marquis of Montrose defeated the 8th Earl, another Archibald, at the battles of Inverlochy and Kilsyth in 1645, but failed to capture Castle Campbell. The Earl, now the 1st Marquis of Argyll, was resonsible for the hanging, drawing and quartering of Montrose 6 years later. The castle was occupied by Cromwell's forces in 1653 and burnt by General Monck in 1654. The castle was owned by the Taits and Orrs in the 19th and 20th centuries, and was taken over by the National Trust for Scotland in 1948.

The castle as it might
have looked about 1500
Section of the Keep Drawing of the
1563 Great Hall
General Ground Floor Plan Plans for the upper floors
of the Keep
Plan of the 1st floor
of the east range


Photos of the Lego Model
Built September-October, 2004
I was commissioned to create a Christmas-theme castle for the Guild of the Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra for their
"Symphony of Trees", an annual gala featuring many lovely decorated trees and wreaths, some of which were be to auctioned
to raise money to support the orchestra. During the weekend following the Gala, the public visits the display in the Decatur Civic
Center. Castle Campbell was the second of two castles I modelled for the project, offering the Guild a choice. Campbell displayed
a Christmas in Scotland around 1600, with garlanded tree, musicans and carollers in the courtyard, and the upper garden converted
a skating pond. The other is Auchans Castle, also in Scotland [which see]. To my delight the Symphony Guild chose to feature both
of my offerings!! Please see the results in the section below (another "15 minutes of fame"!)
Northwest View Southwest View Southeast View Northeast View
The Gatehouse as I
imagine it looked in 1600.
The donjon with its new
stair tower.
Father Christmas arrives
at Castle Campbell.
The upper garden is the site
of the man-made skating pond.


Publicity for the "Symphony of Trees" and, incidently, my hobby
in November, 2004 in the Decatur
Herald and Review Newspaper
Early in the week before the Gala, Bob Fallstrom, a venerable reporter for the newpaper was kind enough to
do a significant spread on my two castles projects, as the Symphony Guild's movers figured out how to fit
both Castles Campbell AND Auchans into the planned layout for all the trees and the actual doors sporting
the gorgeous wreaths. Then on the Monday morning following the Gala and Symphony of Trees weekend Tony
Reid did a very complimentary front paper spread about the popularity of the castles. Both articles are below.
Headline in "Life" section
11-16-04 with Auchans.
Remainder of article
with Castle Campbell.
Front page headline
on 11-22-04.
Remainder of
the article.


Build Your Own
Campbell's roofs took 1409 black slopes
of various sizes and angles, including
841 black 45 2x4 slopes.
Lego Plan
North (Front) Elevation
East Elevation
South Elevation
Cross-section through the courtyard

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