#104 Burnchurch Castle
Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Fifteenth Century
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There is precious little material available about this pretty well preserved Irish tower. It was built sometime in the fifteenth century by the FitzGeralds of Burnchurch in County Kilkenny. It is known for being one of several Irish towers with the slightly narrower sides of the castle extending up an additional floor, creating in essense a pair of tower wide turrets. This furnishes a natural gable at both ends of the roof as well as an additional defensive level of battlements. There are numerous narrow rooms in the walls, including a "secret room" on the fourth floor. The rounded chimney may be a later improvement [that on the model is square], and the fireplace in the 5th floor Hall sports a "joggle voussoir arch", whatever that is. The castle originally had a bawn with a 41 foot tall tower at one corner. Though the old drawing, date unknown, shows remnants of buildings, only the round tower [see both below] appears to be standing in pictures I found on the internet and in a library book. Burnchurch was apparently last occupied in 1817, but it can be explored. If you have further information, please let me know!
Old Etching with bawn tower The tower today...


Ground Plan with cellars & pit 1st Floor with Great Hall


Photos of the Lego Model
Completed July 3, 2005
Below right, following pictures of the castle model, is a comparison of the entrance side of both Castle Stalker
[Scotland] and Burnchurch [Ireland] - both were built on exactly the same scale, Stalker is 36' wide and Burnchurch
34 feet. Stalker is four storys and famous. Burnchurch is 6-stories tall - very intelligently built - and virtually ignored.
Southeast View Southwest View Norhwest View Northeast View
Here is the roof showing the
impressive battlements for a
small tower. The roof entrance
is on the lower right. Note the
steps to the elongated turrets.
Removing the roof reveals the
hall, unusually placed on the
fifth floor, typically the living
quarters for the owner. Note
the fireplace and flue.
This angle shows the
other side of the hall,
with windowseats, plus
the doors into the lower
battlements & garret.
Stalker versus Burnchurch.
Note both castles have a
machicolation to protect
the entrance. Stalker was
originally entered by ladder.


Build Your Own
Top Down Plan
5th Floor Hall Plan
East Elevation
South Elevation
West Elevation
North Elevation

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