#31 & 74 Bunratty Castle
County Clare, Ireland
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In 1277 Sir Thomas de Clare built a stone castle and a town grew up around its walls. Bunratty and the surrounding town were burnt down by the widow of the son of Sir Thomas. Bunratty passed back and forth between the Irish and the English until 1450 when Macon MacSioda Macnamara and his son Sean Finn erected the present castle in County Claire. The rectangular central core is embellished with a massive tower in each corner. The entrance, through a 10' thick wall on the second floor leads directly into the great hall.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built September 2000
March 1990 Model
East View
Southeast View
Southwest View
Drawbridge View

Build Your Own
East Elevation
Top Down
West Elevation
South Elevation
North Elevation

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