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1. Joe Vigliotti from Pennsylvania Joe has been a very enthusiastic castle builder since August 2001. He began with a rendition of the Fortified Bridge over the River Monnow in Monmouth, Wales, followed by the Keep at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Northumberland, England. As he turns out castles, he promises he's also doing his homework. You can email him at
Monnow Bridge
from the front.
was completed in Sept.
2001 & was much larger.
Next came Hermitage
in the Scottish Borders.
Joe's fourth castle
was Ballytarsna in
southern Ireland.
Then Joe built massive
Castle Rising in England.
Here's Joe's sixth, Burg
Leibenstein in Germany.
And then Ashford Castle in
County Mayo, Ireland.
Joe would be about 25 in
2010 - I wonder what he's
doing these days...


2. Jeremy Folkman from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Jeremy just got inspired to build castles in March 2001. His first castle, the Duke of Albany's powerful Castle Doune in Stirlingshire, Scotland, can be seen below. If his wife doesn't murder him for taking out a second mortgage to buy plastic building blocks, you can expect great things from him! [Only kidding, of course!] Needless to say, this's not Jeremy sitting in the courtyard at Doune, but Alycia is much cuter and I couldn't resist. A new addition is due in May and it's NOT more Lego bricks! You can email him at
Jeremy followed my plan,
substu=ituting brown roofs
and changing the
courtyard buildings.
Second project: Hermitage
Castle in the Scottish Borders
Powerful and forbidding...
yet hospitable - great work!
Jeremy's striking third castle is
Corgarff in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The star-shaped courtyard
was added in 1748.
Jermey's model of Criccieth
Castle in Wales was completed... February 2004, with Alycia
and"new addition" Tristan.


3. Corey Gehman from Phoenix, Arizona Corey has just gotten back into Lego building in March 2002 after a twenty year hiatus. The stimulus was a robotic tape stacker he saw at a friend's home, but before he could start the project, he became intrigued with Lego castle possibilities. His model of Castle Rising in England, completed May 12, 2002 was his first project. He's also finished models of Bolton and Bunratty. He also sees skyscrapers and sees them built in Lego! You can email him at and also see his models at
Corey's model of Castle
Rising is an excellent
first project!
His model of Bolton Castle has
very interesting battlements.
Corey is still building with his
Lego, but his projects have
changed: here's his clocktower.
His Riberview Manor
oozes southern hospitality!


4. Stephen Wroble from Michigan Stephen is a middle aged college professor who teaches art history as well as "interactive computer graphics", which he translates as "game design". His wife Karen is a writer and political analyst. Stephen's website is at It's filled with great games and graphics, as you would expect. Please visit his website, and if you are inclined, email him at Steve's website currently features 18 castles, but all the new ones seem to be computer generated.
Stephen' would probably
say his fanciful project
titled Castle Caeran...
...derives from the Brittonic.
"caer" for hill or fort, but
I personally believe he...
...named the very livable
model in honor of his wife,
Stephen's beautiful castle
in black is named Wroford.
Modelled after Orford
Castle in Suffolk, England..'s unusual shape kept
me from trying to build it!
His most recent model is the
picturesque Aughnanure,...
...located near Loch Corrib in
County Galway, Ireland.
I admire his dramatic use of black
Lego in his castles...
...while I use mine mainly
for infrastructure!


5. Daniel Vallauri from southern France Dan is a 34 year old Private Banker in Monte Carlo. He lives nearby, but is Italian by birth. A self described "Legohaulic" whose English is obviously excellent, he undertook one of the most famous and largest (!) castles in the world for his first project, the Krak des Chevaliers in Syria!! Fifteen months in the building (and waiting for orders of white Lego - like me with Neuschwanstein), the Krak was completed on October 7, 2010. You won't believe it! His second project is Belvoir Castle in Israel, another famous Hospitaler castle from the Crusades. It received second place in the Classic Castle Contest this year. The winner was very nice, but Dan was robbed! You can email him at
Here's Dan last year just
as his labor of love got
Here's Dan's model from the
southwest - similar to the view
in the photograph
The south view of the
completed fortress.
The next pictures are...
snapshots of the impressive...
defenses of the castle,...
wonderfully recreated by Dan.
Se magnifique!!
I can't wait for Belvoir!
Here is the general view
of the completed fortress.
Supplies are checked
before they're allowed
to enter the castle!
The King of Jerusalem holds
emergency court in the
throne room...
while a thief confronts
his fate.


6. Mike Gammons from.
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