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I first designed and edited this page for my website is mid-2007, excited that there was now an 'official' magazine for Lego enthusiasts, at least those who could read and understand English.  At that time I began my webpage:  "This  unique magazine is now eight issues old and has already generated a huge amount of interest in the Lego community. There are updates on the Lego Group and its enterprises, interviews with adult friends of Lego [AFOLs] and Lego executives, announcements and reports on regional and national meetings of Lego aficionados, articles about the history of the "Lego", discussions of the many facets of the Lego experience and even "Build Your Own" model plans. There have been a few helpful ads about AFOL books and models available for sale - which hopefully help pay the editor, Joe Meno, and his enthusiastic staff some sort of stipend for their wonderful efforts. I've listed the link to this publication at the bottom of this page. Please visit!"  The first eight digital magazine covers are displayed from left to right.



It turned out that there were to be nine (9) digital issues, the final digital issue seen at the left, and then BrickJournal became both a print and digital magazine, with the first issue published in early 2008, available as Issue 1, Volume 2, Spring 2008 [see right].

oon the first nine issues of BrickJournal were reissued in print from as Compendiums 1 through 4 [see below], with the entire digital content of each issue available in four classy magazines!  Very nice.  BrickJournal has continued to publish, more recently six issues per year, and there are now approximately 90 magazines covered virtually every subject Lego!
Compendium 1
includes Volume 1,
Issues 1 - 3
Compendium 2
includes Volume 1,
Issues 4 - 5
Compendium 3
includes Volume 1,
Issues 6 - 7
Compendium 4
includes Volume 1,
Issues 8 - 9


Almost immediately after the first issue of BrickJournal was released, I was contacted by a gentleman named Magnus Lauglo, who turned out to be on the staff of the fledgling magazine.  He asked if I would be willing to be interviewed about my hobby, i.e. the modeling of real medieval castles with Lego as my medium.   The interview went well; I submitted several pictures; and the article below appeared in volume 1, issue 2!
Here is the nice article by Magnus Lauglo:
I figured my hobby life could never be improved upon: I'd already been blessed with a presence on the World Wide Web, gifted at Christmas by Anne Sullivan and my son Scott.  I had an article in just the second issue of BrickJournal.  I'd been showing off my castle models at BrickWorld Chicago since 2008.  My hobby was generating more attention than I could ever have imagined!

Then in the Spring of 2013 I received a call from a delightful gentleman I had met and chatted with several times at BrickWorld: Joe Meno, the editor of BrickJournal.  Joe told me there was to be another castle issue of the magazine, and would I be willing to participate.  Naturally I was thrilled.  What resulted was a trio of articles which offered insights into Lego castle building: model selection and planning; a construction timeline; and, more particularly, a detailed article on castle windows, arrowslits, and parapets.  What a blast.  I have reproduced all three articles below, from Issue 25 of BrickJournal in September 2013.

So whatever your Lego interests, or those of your children or grandchildren, think of a subscription to BrickJournal, and enjoy your Lego more than ever!


BrickJournal can be found in its entirety at:
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