#22 & #67 Bolton Castle
Yorkshire, England
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This formidable Yorkshire manor-house was begun in 1379 by Lord Richard le Scrope, Lord Chancellor to Richard II. It's powerful construction by master-mason John Lewyn included a portcullis at every entrance from the courtyard and two in the gatehouse, and substantial rectangular towers at each corner.  The Scrope family had been influential in royal affairs since at least 1050 when Richard fitzScrob helped built King Richard's castle in Herefordshire, several miles south of Ludlow, near the Welsh border.  In 1536 John, the 8th Baron Scrope, supported the rebellion against Henry VIII's religious reforms, and was forced to flee, and the castle torched by the king's men.  However, within a few years, Bolton was repaired and Sir John had regained his seat in Parliament. withstood a seige by Parliamentarians for over a year in 1644-5 before surrendering. Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned here in 1568-9.
In July, 1568, Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned at Bolton Castle for 6 months before being moved to Tutbury.  It should be noted that Mary's retinue of 51 persons included knights, ladies-in-waiting, cooks, grooms, hairdressers and a physician, to name a few.  After the death of Emanuel Scrope, the 1st Earl of Sunderland, in 1630 without legitimate heir, the castle was inherited by his eldest illegitimate daughter,Mary.  She married Charles Powlett, 6th Marquis of Winchester, and then 1st Duke of Bolton.  The castle withstood a seige by Parliamentarians for over a year in 1644-5 before surrendering.  However, the castle has remained in the family until the present day, and its well maintained grounds add to its being a major tourist attraction, and venue for weddings and meetings.


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